Friday, June 15, 2012

Face 2 Face by Katherine Brooks to screen at the Castro Theater in San Francisco

    The fascinating documentary Face 2 Face by Katherine Brooks is screening on June 19th, 13.45 PM, at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, California. All kind of people are invited to attend the great event. The film treats about the importance of human connection and promotes fundamental humane values. Schools are welcome to take their kids and students as an educational activity. University students are also encouraged to participate, this movie invites you to reflection about technology, social networks like Facebook, true friendship, and the importance of the Face 2 Face relationships. 

    Face 2 Face is a tale about a girl who, in spite of having 5000 Facebook friends, felt quite alone and decided to travel across the US to meet 50 of them, first strangers, later friends. Fortunately, in this crazy world of us, some people use their lives to do something good. Face 2 Face is a poem of Love.

   Facebook page of the event:

   You can book your tickets here:

  * Update 21 June 2012 - The screening of Face 2 Face in San Francisco had a huge success!

  "Face 2 Face got a standing ovation at the Castro Theater. I literally cried my eyes out", Katherine Brooks said. 

   Video of the Audience Reaction:

Official Trailer  


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